Saturday, 28 February 2015

new hobby

                                                    New Hobby

 I have recently taken up a new hobby which is collecting NFL trading cards More specifically Cowboys cards.

I started this hobby about 4/5 months ago, so I'm still fairy new to this.

thanks to my brother I was added to a UK cards trading group on Facebook, then the passion took of from their.
so far I have managed to collect over 250 cards including 5 jersey and autograph cards.
Collecting cards can be fun and exciting on seeing what cards you can trade/buy from others.
There's not a better feeling than when the mail arrives and you can show off your latest cards to others and putting them into your collection.
the types of cards you can collect:

  • Base
  • Insert
  • Hit
  • Jersey 
  • Auto 
  • Patch 
jersey auto and lot lot more

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

My Cowboys collection


                                                 My Cowboys collection

I just wanted to share some of my cowboys collection

although I've been a cowboys fan for a long time
its taken along time to build up this collection and alot of money
would love to see your cowboys/NFL teams collection
and what is your prized possession ?

Monday, 23 February 2015

my dream came true


My Dream Came true 
                               My Wembley weekend 

                                                                                                On November 9th  2014 I fulfilled a life long dream of mine 
I traveled down to London's Wembley stadium to see the Dallas Cowboys Vs Jacksonville Jaguars.
my Ticket

Saturday, 21 February 2015

My favorite current cowboy

My favorite current cowboy 

As a cowboys fan as much as I'm a fan of the whole team there is always one player I seem to favor over the rest.
Growing up it was Troy Aikman, Up until 2006 I really didn't have a player that I could say was my favorite.
Then in October 2006 I found my new favorite player
during the second half against the New York Giants.

The QB Drew Bledsoe was having an absolute stinker