Saturday, 27 December 2014

My Favourite Cowboy

My favorite Cowboy 

Everyone has their favorite player on their team and mine growing up was the Dallas Cowboys,Quarterback number 8 Troy Aikman.
troy was my favorite player as i grew up in the era of the triplets 
with Troy Emmitt and Micheal 
watching the super bowls which are my earliest memories 
so whats there not to like about Troy Aikman 

3 x super bowl winner 
super bowl MVP 
6 x pro bowler 
H.O.F 2006 

to me growing up watching troy playing he was the best player on team. he put up a lot of impressive numbers and stats
the guy who ran that impressive offence 

I think i must have a soft spot for QBs as they seem to be my favorite position and players on the team 

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