Saturday, 27 December 2014

My Earliest Cowboys Memory

                                                    my earliest cowboys memory

Having not long turned 9 in the December before the super bowl
I don't really remember all the facts and figures from this game.

So here is what i remember from that day
Sunday 31st January 1993 

My Dad allowed me to stay up to watch the super bowl even though I had school the following morning,
So about maybe 6/7pm he sent me for a nap as the game was about midnight maybe 1am.
so the nap is over and I'm really excited and also tired 
Like i said earlier i don't remember all the stats from the game 
and I'm pretty sure i may have fell asleep after all i was only 9 years old.
but my Dad said he taped it on VHS
but the important thing that i remember is seeing the cowboys won the game 52-17 and seeing troy and Emmitt with the super bowl trophy.

it was a great first Dallas Cowboys memory 
and I hope you enjoyed and seen a lot more than me 

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