Friday, 9 January 2015

The Triplets

                                                           The Triplets

Every sports team has their superstars and the 1990's Dallas Cowboys where no exception.

Growing up these were my superstars of the Dallas Cowboys 
Micheal Irvin,Emmitt Smith & Troy Aikman  known as the Triplets.

The later 1990's I remember the 3 Superbowl wins 
and them winning back to back 1992  & 1993 and their final Superbowl win in 1996 

The 1990's were probably the most successful for the Dallas Cowboys. I was lucky enough as a Fan to see them win all 3 

Now lets get on to the triplets 

#88 Micheal Irvin (The Play-maker) Wide receiver 
5 x pro bowl 
3 x Superbowl winner 
3 x NFC champion 
NFL single season record eleven 100-yard games
Dallas Cowboys all-time career leader in Receiving yards

#8 Troy Aikman Quarterback 
6 x pro bowl
3 x Superbowl winner
3 x NFC champion 

Superbowl MVP
Dallas Cowboys all-time career leader(Career Wins,Pass attempts,Pass Completions,Interceptions)

#22 Emmitt Smith Running back 

8 x pro bowl
3 x Superbowl winner
3 x NFC champion 

Superbowl MVP
4 x NFL leading rusher 
NFL record: career rushing yards (18,355)
NFL record: career rushing touchdowns (164)
NFL record: career 100-yard rushing games (78)
Dallas Cowboys all-time leading rusher (17,162)

these are just some of the triplets stats.
I could go on and on about these guys and how fantastic individually and as a trio they were .
I was lucky enough to watch these guys play and have great memories .

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