Saturday, 21 February 2015

My favorite current cowboy

My favorite current cowboy 

As a cowboys fan as much as I'm a fan of the whole team there is always one player I seem to favor over the rest.
Growing up it was Troy Aikman, Up until 2006 I really didn't have a player that I could say was my favorite.
Then in October 2006 I found my new favorite player
during the second half against the New York Giants.

The QB Drew Bledsoe was having an absolute stinker
and was pulled from him from the game.
From there and till he retires he will be my favorite Cowboys  player. 
        Yes he has made some dumb mistakes during games like that botched snap in the playoffs against the Seahawks throwing game losing interceptions.
The thing that makes Tony Romo my favorite player 
he never gives up, his love for the Dallas Cowboys,his passion for winning,the guy has literally broke his back carrying the team and putting them into winning positions.
In my opinion Tony Romo doesn't get the credit he rightly deserves.
Everybody is too quick to slate him for the losses
Even if he never wins a superbowl I will always support and back him 

Because he is my teams QB 

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