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my dream came true


My Dream Came true 
                               My Wembley weekend 

                                                                                                On November 9th  2014 I fulfilled a life long dream of mine 
I traveled down to London's Wembley stadium to see the Dallas Cowboys Vs Jacksonville Jaguars.
my Ticket

My weekend started on Saturday 8th November 2014 
Myself and My brother traveled to Edinburgh to catch the train to London.
After a nearly 5 hour journey we arrive and head to the hotel.
We had a quick change and then headed for the UK cowboys fan bash 
What a night that was, It was a chance for Cowboys fan & NFL fans to meet up and have a drink and a laugh. 

UKDCF wristbands 

On arrival we were all giving wristbands,We enter and went for a beer and i was lucky enough to meet some of the members of the UK cowboys fan club group, Who I had been speaking to over a year,

the event was amazing and I really can't thank the guys enough for a fantastic time,All their hard work was well worth it 

they even had Talking Cowboys broadcasting live from the event 
with them having a special guest to appear live and answer a few questions and it was non other than Orlando Scandrik 

talking cowboys 


me with Orlando Scandrik 

They also ran a silent auction which helped raise funds for the British legion,
where you could bid on signed balls,helmets etc 
I was lucky enough to grab myself something.
Brandon Weeden signed ball 

 The night wasn't over yet there was one more surprise from the guys.
Super Bowl winning Quarterback Danny white 
who was such a gent he posed for pictures signed autographs for all those who wished.
So I took the opportunity to have my T.O jersey signed 
Danny White

Me & Danny White

That was a Fantastic night and after meeting Danny White 
we headed back to the hotel to get a good nights sleep, Not before leaving with one more little surprise 
everyone left with a little goody bag courtesy of the UKDCF 
UKDCF Goody Bag


If you want to find out more about the UK cowboys fans 

checkout their website
and their Facebook group

                              Game Day 
                              9th November 2014 

As a life long Dallas Cowboys fan this wasn't an opportunity i was gonna pass up. As it would be the easiest & cheapest option to see them.
Heading to wembely 

So its game day, Myself and brother get ready to head to Wembley and my excitement is building.
I feel like its a dream.

me at the game 

 After checking out the Tailgate party and grabbing a quick pint and a bite to eat, We head to our seats.
The atmosphere is building and I'm on cloud 9 

soon its time for the game the players came out to warm up. 
It seems like its taking forever to get the game started 
now its time for the national anthems both US and UK. 

the national anthems

now its game time and the teams are being introduced, As soon as the Cowboys were introduced.
I got all emotional and almost brought to tears as this was a 27 year dream in the making 
and what a phenomenal day that atmosphere was fantastic the crowd were amazing,
the best part was the cowboys won 
also I can say i was there
I would do it all over again in a heartbeat 

I would say this was one of the best days of my life 

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