Saturday, 28 February 2015

new hobby

                                                    New Hobby

 I have recently taken up a new hobby which is collecting NFL trading cards More specifically Cowboys cards.

I started this hobby about 4/5 months ago, so I'm still fairy new to this.

thanks to my brother I was added to a UK cards trading group on Facebook, then the passion took of from their.
so far I have managed to collect over 250 cards including 5 jersey and autograph cards.
Collecting cards can be fun and exciting on seeing what cards you can trade/buy from others.
There's not a better feeling than when the mail arrives and you can show off your latest cards to others and putting them into your collection.
the types of cards you can collect:

  • Base
  • Insert
  • Hit
  • Jersey 
  • Auto 
  • Patch 
jersey auto and lot lot more

they also come from a variety different manufacturers 
like Panini,Topps,Bowman,Fleer and a whole lot more.
you can also buy boxes of cards if you wish or buy singular cards if you know what type player or team etc you are looking for.
Trading cards is really fun addictive and can be quite expensive
with cards ranging from $0.01-$500+ depending on type and grade
to find out how much a card is worth you can check out the beckett website.

my jersey & auto cards

these are just my jersey and auto cards 
which range in value from $3-$12 
If you are a collector or interested in collecting cards please feel free to leave a comment as I'm more than happy to discuss collecting cards etc 

hope this has peaked an interest in the world of card trading 
if so hit me up 
thanks for reading 

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